Our story represents a journal of our collective growth, filled with little nuggets that inspires our work.

Made up of what we have seen, where we have been, what we have read and who we have shared our moments with. Here at Food Journal, we own and operate a pioneering line of contemporary F&B establishments including Keeper’s Ground, Roots, Commons and The Den – with more to come.

Our passion is what strives us in everything we do.

We believe in creating & cultivating experiences with our guests & partners, through our service, food and places. We are ambitious in creating amazing food and hospitality, and we do so in taking exceptional care to details. This is what sets us apart & guides us to striving to being just a little better, everyday.

We could not have done all this, if not for the driven, passionate & youthful group that has created such a thrilling, exciting and rewarding environment. Our greatest asset is our people. By creating open and honest values in all our relationships, they lead the way in exceeding expectations through fresh, modern and well considered ideas.